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CanPlan Cancer Planner – A Planner Made To Help Cancer Patients and Caregivers Fight Cancer Day by Day, Undated Daily Organizer, Best Cancer Gift for Women and Men


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Product Description

CanPlan Cancer Planner Logo/BrandCanPlan Cancer Planner Logo/Brand

CanPlan Cancer Planner (undated) is a revolutionary planner designed with survivorship in mind. It’s the perfect gift for a cancer patient, cancer caregiver, cancer survivor, oncologist, oncology nurses, health practitioner, and anyone battling any type of health issue. It’s a planner, organizer, motivator, coach, and therapist all in one portable, customizable binder.

Inner Page Specifications:

Dimensions: Size A5, 100 GSM Paper (8.3 x 5.8 in / 21 x 14.8 cm)
336-page planner – 168 sheets front & back (see Page Content)

Binder & Accessories Specifications:

Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.5 x 1.6 in / 23.5 x 19.1 x 4.1 cm
Top Quality Soft PU Leather
6-ring binder that can fit any A5 size document
Pockets (Front): 3 card holder slots and 2 mid-size pockets, and 1 large pocket for documents
Pockets (Back): 1 large pocket for documents
Magnetic closure strap
10 multi-colored section dividers and 3 multi-colored bookmarks for easy navigation
1 plastic pouch insert for storing accessories and additional loose items

Page Content:

180 pages of UNDATED daily trackers (180 days) with an inspirational quote each day (1-page spread)
48 pages of UNDATED monthly calendars with customizable symptom tracking (12 months) and planning/reviews
27 pages of doctor appointment trackers (2 trackers per page)
23 pages of tracking important info (e.g. support contacts, medical history, medication list, treatment/testing/blood cell count tracker, etc.)
8 pages of helpful cancer information and resources (e.g. suggested questions for your doctor, chemotherapy tip sheet, cancer diet tip sheet, etc.)
16 pages of interactive positivity exercises for holistic healing through brain & positivity exercises, gratitude & affirmation lists, and end of day reflection scores
18 blank pages for notes and journaling

A Planner That Brings All The Pieces Of Healing Together

Cancer Patient and CaregiverCancer Patient and Caregiver

I have cancer, now what?

When patients and caregivers are thrown headfirst into the world of cancer, they’re often scrambling to find answers or some sort of direction. There seems to be no time in-between diagnosis and treatment for patients to fully process the situation and reclaim their sense of control over it through proactive planning and research. The vast amount of information can be daunting and overwhelming, thus plummeting the patient into a passive role throughout their journey where directions given by their doctors are strictly followed.

CanPlan was a tool born out of necessity that was designed to address this very problem. If you are a cancer patient or know of a cancer patient who is currently going through this, we know what it feels like to need a hand. And with CanPlan, you’ve got one. We’ve spent over two years perfecting the planner’s design to ensure that it provides a sense of control and supernatural clarity to anyone who actively uses it. We’re so excited for you to start your holistic healing journey with CanPlan today.

CanPlan Daily TrackerCanPlan Daily Tracker

Daily Tracker

Research studies show that when you write down your goals, you are 42% more likely to obtain them. We not only wanted to provide a space for goal-setting and tracking, but also for reflection, gratitude, and heart healing.

Positivity Quote: Every quote was specifically selected to pack a powerful punch of love/hope/faith
Gratitude Box: Research studies show that participants who kept a gratitude journal had 16% fewer physical symptoms, 10% less physical pain, 25% better sleep quality
Self-Love: Studies show that those who affirmed themselves daily were 84% more likely to be able to receive and handle tough news
To-Do List: Write out your to-do list first, then go back and prioritize each task
Medication Tracker: Are you on a med cocktail? If so, you should be tracking how your body is responding to each medication
Symptoms Tracker: Track and rate the severity of each symptom and note if new symptoms arise
Diet/Sleep/Exercise Tracker: Keep track of your daily routine, activities, and meals

CanPlan Monthly CalendarCanPlan Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

The main goal for this uniquely designed calendar was to give patients/caregivers clarity about what was sparking a good or bad day by finding patterns and synthesizing information. It was also meant to give doctors clarity on what the patient’s day-to-day was like, and the monthly calendar provides new insights that could lead to more targeted treatment.

Undated 12-Month Calendar: Fill in the dates and plan out your schedule each month.
Symptoms Tracker: Track four of your most common symptoms each month by simply checking off the days you experience them.
End-Of-Day Score: Reflect back on each day and how it went overall, then give it rating between 1 and 5. Use colors to indicate good, bad, and average days so you get a good bird’s eye view of how your overall month went.

CanPlan High-Quality Leather Binder

CanPlan High-Quality Leather Binder

Binder Inner Card or Document Pockets

Binder Inner Card or Document Pockets

Section Dividers & Three Colored Plastic Bookmarks

Section Dividers & Three Colored Plastic Bookmarks

Binder Pen Holder and Insertable Plastic Pouch

Binder Pen Holder and Insertable Plastic Pouch

High-Quality Leather Binder

CanPlan’s leather binder provides both sturdy support and easy holding for when you’re on the go. The binder format also allows you to move sections, add refills and/or CanPlan extension packs, and remove pages you no longer need. Keep the binder, switch out the pages.

Inner Pockets

Keep it all in one by storing important documents, test results, notes, etc. in the front and back pockets of the binder. CanPlan also comes with three card pockets for insurance and ID cards.

Multi-Colored Section Dividers & Bookmarks

Ten (10) multi-colored section dividers and three (3) multi-colored plastic bookmarks are included for easy navigation and saving important spots/dates within the planner.

Pen Holder & Plastic Pouch

CanPlan comes with a pen holder that fits securely onto the side of your binder as well as an extra pouch for extra storage space.

Undated Pages

Page Dividers & Bookmarks

Monthly Calendar

12 Months

3 Months




Page Removal

Binder Clips


Page Size



ROADMAP TO RECOVERY – CanPlan is the only planner on the market that is based on the foundations of scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy to help improve both your health and happiness. Regain a sense of control in your cancer journey through daily tracking, and self reflection.
HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALING – Takes into account both natural therapies as well as conventional treatment options for cancer patients so that the mind, body, and spirit can heal.
BEST HEALTH ORGANIZER – Keep everything pertaining to your health in one neatly organized binder that’s portable and easy to carry to doctor appointments, chemotherapy treatments, hospital visits, emergency room visits. Your care team will love all the details you provide them with from your daily tracking. Planner pages can be added or removed when needed, while the binder remains a timeless storage for all your documents.
BEST CANCER GIFT – Perfect gift for newly diagnosed cancer patients (can be used by ANY type of cancer patient or caregiver – breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.), cancer caregivers, cancer survivors, oncologists, health practitioners, or anyone in need of an empowerment planner that shifts you from a victim to a victor.
CANPLAN GUARANTEE – If CanPlan doesn’t change your life by boosting your sense of control, we’ll give you your money back.

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CanPlan Cancer Planner – A Planner Made To Help Cancer Patients and Caregivers Fight Cancer Day by Day, Undated Daily Organizer, Best Cancer Gift for Women and Men


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